Thank you for visiting Texas Staghorn Ferns!  I am a Platycerium (staghorn fern) enthusiast in Dallas, TX.  The first staghorn fern I ever bought was a P. Bifurcatum as a mother’s day gift for my mom back in 1995.  I liked the plant so much that I went back and bought one for myself as well.  I then slowly learned of all the other Platy species, cultivars, hybrids, and the rest as they say is history.  Once I got the “Platy Bug” I was hooked!  I now have over 100 varieties of Platycerium in my collection.  My other plant interests include Huperzia (formerly Lycopodium) “Tassel Ferns”, Ophioglossum “Ribbon Ferns”, Dischidia “Wax Plants”, Rhipsalis “Jungle Cactus”, Psilotums and other cool unique epiphytes.  The purpose of this site is to connect with other hobbyists, as well as to serve as a venue to sell or trade extra plants.  I have been really bad about updating my site and have heard from many of you requesting to update the site with more photos, as well as useful information on Platycerium.

If you are a beginner to this great hobby, I would first recommend to get yourself a copy of the book “Platycerium Hobbyist’s Handbook” by Roy Vail.  It is a must have in my opinion.  Roy is THE expert on Platyceriums and has traveled the world studying them.  I will find out the best way to purchase his book these days and post it on here soon.  Other related books and articles that provided me useful info are: “Platycerium Fern Facts” by Wendy Franks, “A Review of the Species of Platycerium (Polypodiaceae)” by Barbara Joe Hoshizaki, “Fern Grower’s Manual” by Barbara Joe Hoshizaki & Robbin Moran and “Indoor Ferns” by Boy Altman.  There are also many great online sources for both info and buying plants.  Here is a list below in no particular order:

If you are interested in a certain plant, prices, photos or just chatting, please email me at texasstaghornferns@gmail.com.
Although I am in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I am sometimes able to hand deliver plants to other Texas cities such as the Houston area, the Austin area and the San Antonio area, or meet you halfway.  If you are local, you are welcome to come by in person by appointment.  I also ship within the continental US.  Nurseries please contact me at the email address above.  I also sell  plants at shows through my local club, The South Western Fern Society to help produce proceeds for our non-profit club.

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